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This is Chanter’s chatplace, we will update on book work, things we see and think, and moments that catch our attention. Chanter was born from a wish to do good work and invite others to join us. We want to appreciate the good we find and leave places better than we found them, if we come across that need. Our interests are broad so there is no telling what you may find her, but it all relates to who we are and that becomes our books.

And we welcome input. Please send your thoughts and wishes.


Welcome to Chanter Press, we are pleased you are coming to read with us. There is no better moment, we think, than when the page that lights a mind and dreams is found. This is the next step in our publishing journey as we are working on another novel, and looking a some additional genres to present new books in.

Be sure to look for the newest gathering of reviews, video and radio interviews for See Ya and Photofinish.

Check back often, we have new things happening every day!